Thursday, 16 August 2018

Summer favourites- Nail edition

Although there is still some time left of summer I thought I'd do this post now as the UK sun is on a limited life span.

Who doesn't feel put together when their nails are painted? However I am the type of person that paints my toe nails and can never be bothered to paint my finger nails (1.Because I don't like my toes 2. Toe nails last longer.) But I have got several summer favourites here for toes or fingers.

Starting with the pinks as there is always room for a pink or two in the collection.

Seventeen - Raspberry woo woo
A bright 'gel effect' fuchsia pink, good with a couple of coats and looks great on toes.

Nails inc- Uptown
On the other end of the pink scale- more of a rose nude pink but just as beautiful and looks so delicate next to any skin tone.

Seventeen- mint bon bon
A muted mint colour, fab for those who love pastels. Similar to mint candy apple by Essie.

Nails inc - Haymarket
AGAIN another mint shade but it wouldn't be right if I didn't have one or two (or 5) mint shades in my summer favourites. Its a gel effect polish so its high shine brighter tone mint and last that's little bit longer.

Nails inc-
I was very reluctant to add this one in because im unsure of the name BUT I thought maybe one of you lovelies out there might know it/have it. Its a Marie Claire edition polish (get it free with the magazine) - one of my all time favourites as it is a pale grey with a lilac base.

That's just a few of my summer favourites in the nail department, as I tend to wear the same colours in the summer (definitely more of a autumn/winter gal)

Thanks for reading!
Meg x


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Series on repeat

Netflix is a thing, its a big thing out there.

I know im not the only one that has that sh*t on repeat, once I get into a series there is 100% guaranty that it will be watched more than once, mainly because im not a film kinda gal, I have probably watched 1\2% of the films out there, which is a tiny amount on the grand scale of things. 


So I turn to my good friend Netflix (mainly any way) and I also know Im not the only out here that can watch a series in a week!!
To help you all out if you've watched your go-to's on repeat and you want a little sommet sommet extra to watch. Im going to give you all a little list of the things I enjoyed watching.

Firstly you know your girls got to bring up Gossip Girl, probably one of the first series I watched and will continue to watch and also forced my boyfriend to watch, which in the end he didn't mind. I feel like I tend to watch it after I've finished another series, before I find another one, its my fail safe. If you like a bit if drama, you lust after that New York life style..its a winner.

This is a bit of an odd one because some people wont get it, but its a series called Him & Her. Not going to lie my boyfriend had it on and I didn't see the fascination of watching a couple sit around thier home everyday, but that's when I started to really enjoy it because apparently theres something fascinating about it, it does make me laugh and its very easy to watch, light hearted humour that's good to have on in the background.

Prison break when about the town! If you've not heard it then where were you about a year or two ago?! Its very gripping and its a long one so it keeps you going for a while but the storyline is really good all the way through. The title basically says it all.
I haven't laughed at a series as much as I did when I found 'Marlon' based on a family with divorced parents, starring Marlon wayans (aka a white chick) if you like his stuff. Definitely a rewatch for me and my boyfriend as we love a comedy.

Peaky Blinders.. A program that I genuinely wanted to watch for ages and ended up watching some random episodes but gravitated towards other series more until my boyfriend wanted to watch it and we ended up watching it on repeat. Its a very good 20's based storyline all the way through and full of drama but also all the icks (eg. Death, blood, beating etc.) A long with swearing and sex sooo if you are young or dont like that stuff then probably give it a miss?

13 Reasons Why is another one I love, which has just came out with a Season 2, although you probably, maybe, definitely heard of it before!

And lastly, well at least I think lastly (I'm sure there's been a few more) a good old classic.... Friends, save the best till lastly. I have watched Friends since I was young and will continue to watch it when I'm old!! If you don't like it then please leave my blog, now... just kidding haha.

All these series on available on Netflix (prison break only available on amazon prime) so I hope it gave you a few more options.

Share your faves below and find some new series if you're just obsessed as me!
Meg x


Sunday, 27 May 2018

Date nights and days out: summer times

Heyy guys! a little post on a few date nights/days out ideas that might help those who like me, love winter so you can snuggle up in bed with snacks and a tv show.. and that's date night sorted ✔

Although its not as great in the summer, if you're trying to get that summer body or when you're both chucking the quilt off and fidgeting because its getting too hot!

The Penny date:
I have actually done this one myself, it passes time for you indecisive people who stand there trying to decide what to do or where to eat, it pretty much picks for you. Take a penny (or any coin really) label heads- right and tails- left or vice versa, and the idea is when you leave your house (or wherever you start) every corner/end of the road you get to you flip the coin and go which ever way it tells you, do this about 20 times (you maybe want to pick a lower number if you have longer streets else you might be going a while, or higher if you have tiny zig zag streets.. I know what I mean.) And on your last number corner/end road, wherever you end up you have to make a date/day out of your spot.. so you may end up at a field/park and decide to have a picnic or maybe at a cute lake or a small cafe etc. I mean it may go slightly wrong in some cases and you end up on a dead road haha, but you can always adjust it or add 5 more flips. We were lucky enough to not end up in the middle of no where and ended up by the canal across from a pub by the canal (which we wouldn't of normally picked. I suppose as long as you have fun that's all that matters (and don't forget how many flips you've done)

We're going to the zoo, how about you?:
Who doesnt love animals right?! I love this idea as i think its kinda chilled, you can have a wonder around and actually talk without being interrupted by waiters or people behind you telling you 'shh!' At the cinema, whether its your husband/wife or a first date it gives you things to talk about and there is always something to do or look at! Always fab too if the weathers nice!

Fair play:
A great one if youre on a budget. I dont know about you but i loove the fair, even at 21 years old haha! I think its a great distraction, theres so much going on and, well.. hotdogs and doughnuts!! Its just a good vibe. A great place to have a laugh! Its not tooo expensive as well, i mean you dont normally have to pay to get in and its normally £2/£3 each per ride.. £18 for a few, £2/£3 for a snack or something.. about £25.

Restaurant roulette:
This is for you indesisive lot! I am very indesisive and have to be in the mood for certain food, me and my boyfriend have a nightmare trying to decide where we want to eat, thats why its a fun idea to figure out which meals you like and pick a place for a starter, a different place for a main and different place for dessert, it prolongs your evening instead of an hour long dinner and you get a few different types of food if you and your partner are feeling different things.. best of both worlds!

Hope you enjoy and maybe get some use out of these ideas. I am definitely going to try to. Have a fab summer guys and thanks for reading!

Meg x

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Finding your skin type

A lot of people get fustrated when they cant find the right product for them (make up or skincare) or when something doesnt work for them as it does for someone else.. its all about your skin, obviously application helps too!
Which is why i wamted to write this.

 Something that may seem easy, but actuallly can be very more confusing than one might think. Although i have a beauty qualification, it is still something i found very baffling until i did some more research and took the time to actually care about it! BUT I am no means a expert or specialist.

Many types of skin and soo many types of products but which one is right for you?
Firstly if you are struggling i would suggest going to see someone (more than one actually) at a skincare counter and get their opinion. 

☆ Just because your skin may not feel dry doesn't mean it isnt dehydrated- some people mistake them for the same thing.

  Dry skin may feel rough or only come up in certain patches of flaky/scaly textures, it might look slightly more coarse than normal nd products may stick to patches. Whacking aload of cream on it isnt going to help, it helps if you use a oil or serum and a cream that is oil based to bring moisture back. When it comes to cleansing, i have found foam cleansers tend to dry your skin out more, so i would stick to a cleansing balm or something you know isnt drying.

 Dehydrated skin may mean your skin looks slightly duller and can some times be noticed if you have fine lines on your forhead from not drinking enough and staying, well... hydrated. This means you cant necerssarily use the same product as you would for dry skin, its best to use a serum and a moisturiser that is water based. 

☆ You could have a certain shine to your skin, it could sometimes be released sweat and not necessarily oily skin.

Oily skin is excess oil (excess meaning over producing natural oils) which can cause black heads and spots. Majority of people with oily skin will have open or bigger pores which causes it to clog easier sometimes causing said spots and black heads. Over cleansing your skin will not help this as your skin once its clean, has to restore the natural oils and starts to work harder the more it gets taken away.

Combination skin is probably the hardest to maintain as it requires you to balance your skin. You may sometimes be oily or some days you might have drier skin, like wise you could get an oily T-zone and the rest of your skin is dry. I find what is best is giving it products for dry skin and oily skin, so if you cleanse your skin with something oil free then your moisturiser could be oil based to balance o
ut your skin so you're hitting the right amount for each skin types.

Obviously a lot of people know when it comes to make up oil free products are normally for oily skin so you're not adding to the mass and your makeup wont go south and oil based products tend to be good for drier skin.. putting a oil free primer on oily skin is good because it normally means you've got bigger pores so a primer for oily skin tend to be oil free and mattifying whereas dry skin works better with a tackier textured, oil based primer so your makeup with press into your primer instead of your dry skin.

Again.. combination skin just means you need to combined a variation of products, so a mattifying primer with a dewy foundation or vice versa, if you really wanted to apply certain products to certain parts of your skin to counteract you skin type.

Having the right skin care routine can work wonders but what I will say is :

1. Try to switch your products up every now and then just so your skin doesn't get used to it (because that may cause problems)

2. Sometimes a simple skin routine could be what you need, why feed your skin more than it needs? When it could occasionally benefit from the minority of products on your bathroom shelf.

Again I'd like to say im not a professional, this is just what I have learnt and somethings that I find work.
If you are still intrigued about what your skin is truly like, you can always visit a few skincare counters to get a few different opinions.

Thankyou for reading.
Meg x


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Prepare for party season

This one is for all you that love to party.. or just like to look fab!

Summer is creeping up on us (and the weather slowly following) and so is the season for weddings and PROM!
I nearly missed my prom mainly for the fact I couldn't find the right dress and all my school mates, parents were buying them £200 dresses.. which like a lot of people, I could not afford.
Since aging I've realised although I like to spend money on clothes, you don't need to spend a fortune to look good!

Having a Quiz clothing store in my shopping centre, I've always looked at the fab dresses in there and thought about getting one but thought they'd be waay too expensive! BUT THEY'RE NOT!
They have a huge range of party dresses for every occasion: Prom, weddings, ladies day, a night out and even a few suitable for festivals!

I am one of those people that ALWAYS gets my outfit last minute, mainly because i'm very indecisive and end up running around several different shops for multiple different styles, at Quiz i feel like its all in one place for you.. like your own wardrobe, with long, elegant floor length gowns to sparkly, glam, shorter dresses or even slightly more casual dresses, you can't really go wrong!

It's an alternative to Lipsy, Topshop or Asos with a smaller price tag. I have been pondering through pages on their website and there is such a variety of styles of dresses and lower and higher priced dress, its practically a win win for everyone!

Check out what they got going on for your next shindig!

*This is a sponsored post.

Thank you for reading,
Meg x

Thursday, 12 April 2018

To gym or not to gym?

Its time for gin... oh no wait, gym!

The majority of people dont necessarily like going to the gym or find it more of a chore.. I am one of those people!
Exercise, in any form, It is one of those things that kind of has to be done, not to lose weight but to keep healthy.

I have always been similar a weight, I yo-yo between a few pounds but nothing drastic.
Going to the gym for me is more about staying healthy and mainly to tone up; I like to keep a bit of muscle in my legs and keep the shape in my bum!
My problem is not with working out at the gym its with actually going, I have to find the motivation to actually put on layers of Lycra and find the effort to go!

When people think of the gym, they think: sweaty betty's, huffing and panting leaving all stiff which admittedly is part of it but what I actually enjoy is being able to clear my head and leave with increased energy whilst staying fit.. basically killing two birds (or three) with one stone.

Its not about losing weight or dropping dress sizes so dont pressure yourself, stick to what you are comfortable with and bring on the motivation by thinking of all the good things that is does plus I feel like I've achieved something once i've been which is fab!

Put the gin down!
I think exercise is something we should all be doing and not enough of us actually are. Just under 50% of the people I asked say they don't go to the gym because they have no motivation,  So..find what motivates YOU
, whether that be certain activities, (running, trampolining, yoga) just the fact you bought a super cute gym outfit or you love being outside!! It all helps.

Whats your fave way to excercise?
Meg x

Monday, 9 April 2018

The products that brought my healthy hair back

Although I have always had hip length hair, It's always been pretty healthy.
I get bored quite easily with my hair but then I also get bored and impatient in the process of a change.
Little back story: I've bleached my hair about three times (this being the third) and its been completely fine, might I add, either my hair couldn't take another go, or I put waay too much on, way too quick.

Lets get to the point.. my ends were dead after the ombre, they were shedding away as they had lost their elasticity.. so I cut it.
I cut it from my belly up to my boobs (ohh what a mistake, my tubby face can't handle a short cut).
If you've had both brunette and blonde hair you'll know you're hair looks much healthier, brunette.
Knowing this I went back brunette, to hide the hay until I could restore it.
Obviously what you're here for is to find out what products I've been using to give it a kiss of life.
Before I put anything on it after I cut it, I covered it in coconut oil to revive it a bit after it took a killing from chemicals!

I make sure I only wash it every other day, at most, just to get some of the natural oils back into my hair. Half of those washes I use a hair mask instead of a conditioner, my favourite is L'oreal Elvive restore mask.
I have been trying to do a few little things to help along the way but the main reason i'm writing this is because of the Tresemme Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner. I have always had a love hate relationship with Tresemme as I feel like they make your hair feel great but on the other side of things, they can make my hair quite greasy and heavy.. as someone with long, fine hair that was a bit of a issue because I never liked the flat look.

BUT (and a very big but) after wondering around Superdrug desperate to find something to make my hair look and feel some what normal again, I picked the Tresemme up.. mainly because I knew the brand made my hair feel soft, plus it was on offer too, so I thought it couldn't hurt to pick these up. I hadn't seen them around before, however I think that's due to them being repackaged? I'm not totally sure tho? ...

...Anyway, the first time I used this (bare in mind my hair was brittle and got really knotty) I was actually shocked and actually very happy that my hair felt great again! I could literally run my fingers through my hair with no interruption, which I've not actually been able to do properly since the bleaching. My hair was so soft, and had that newly dyed hair shine!

So as you can imagine i am very pleased to have found a product that has tamed my hair again, i've never really had much trouble with my hair until now, but i can finally straighten it with out it going bushy at the ends and finally brush it without it snapping!! I always finish my hair off after getting out the shower with Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair serum- it has been a life saver for a few years now, however i know they have changed their packaging too and can't seem to find the exact one.

Just a few products that have helped my hair and can maybe help you too!
what are your hair miracles?

Thanks for reading!
Meg x
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